Music Creation

Creativity by Technology in Music Education

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Eilon: "For about 8 years, I teach musical creativity by computers for classes in schools, college and music conservatory. During that time, I developed a learning program (curriculum, method) called "TLAMIM" (acronyms in Hebrew for Program for Musical Creativity by Computers). "TLAMIM" designed for novice teen age students in school setting, enabling each one of them to compose music. I find TLAMIM as a good program, where about 90% of the participants acting successfully and express positive attitudes towards the program".
Here are some of the program tenets:
·       Evolving: from simple to complex: from one line to polyphony, from rhythm to melody and to harmony, etc.
·       Music genres: Rock, Latin, Pop, and Classic music, are used as models of inspiration for the students.
·       However, guidelines for composing are quite loosened, and leave plenty of artistic freedom for the students.
·       Mostly, there is use of ACIDXpress software. Although it's a "loop based" software, most of the compositions made by "one-shot" sounds (single sounds: piano key, guitar string, snare drum, etc.). If any loops used, it's mostly for supporting the background, while the foreground lines are composed note by note.

Studens' compositions in TLAMIM