Music Creation

Creativity by Technology in Music Education

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Primary Objective

The student’s personal creation is the way to blur the traditional boundaries that have been created by Western musical culture and defined by the holy trinity of composer-performer-listener. The objective of the activity is to enable the student to play all three roles in a way that connect him to each idividual component of the musical world.


Additional Objectives

  1. To awaken students’ enthusiasm and desire to create music and to provide them with the satisfaction that stems from the creative processes and its outcomes.
  2. Throughout the creative process, learners will be able to identify musical elements and foundations, as well as, become familiar with new musical styles.
  3. To enable students to operate differently but also in conjunction with traditional teaching methods within the musical world. Teaching music by means of computer enhances and compliments those existing methods and not meant to either change or replace them.
Objectives and How They Are Accomplished
How It Is Accomplished
Providing an outlet for personal musical creation.
Finding the appropriate programs that that enable expression during the learning process, as well as, the ability to find and create musical contexts.
Creating satisfaction and increasing the student’s self-image.                                         .
Ensuring a gradual increase in difficulty, showing concern for the learner’s success, and providing frequent encouragement.                                                          
Providing a forum for the expression of the student’s musical tastes and personal ambitions.                                                      
Providing flexibility within classroom activities, as well as, opportunities for each student to work with varied resources.
Maintaining a high level of motivation.
Placing an emphasis on enjoyment, satisfaction, and challenge.