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Eilon Aviram is a graduate of the Rimon School of Contemporary Music and Jazz, and  holds a Bachelor of Education degree in conducting choirs and M.Ed. in music education from the Levinsky College in Tel-Aviv. Eilon has also taken music classes at the University of South Florida and the Mannes College of Music in New York. 
Eilon composes music for choirs, dance groups, theater and television, and acts as a musical director for various events, festivals, and musical organizations.
For years he has been involved with musical instruction at various educational levels from elementary to college, as well as, conducting classes in computerized musical creativity at: Jordan Valley Center for the Gifted, Rabin School in Kfar Tavor, Kaduri School, Afula Conservatory, Ben-Gurion High School in Afula, Megido High School, Harod Valley High School, Kinneret College and the M.Ed program for Music Educators at Levinsky College in Tel-Aviv.
Eilon had been invited to present computerized musical creativity at the following conferences:
- 2003: Explorer Day at The Levinsky College.
- 2003: “Education in the Test of Time” international conference at the Union Buildings in Jerusalem
- 2003: “Computers and Education in Israel” fair at the music center in Tel Aviv.
- 2004: “Young Composer Conference” at the Izrael Valley Center for the Arts.
- 2006: Music Teacher Seminar at the Levinsky Academy.
-2006: Writing the chapter about computerized music composition for the Israeli national curriculum.
- 2007: Online national seminar for music teachers: Computerized Music Creativity.
- 2007: MOACH - Israel Association for Information Technologies in Education.
- 2008: Lecture at the M.Ed program for music teachers, The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.
- 2009: Explorer Day at The Levinsky College.
- 2010: The
29th ISME World Conference, Beijing, China.
- 2011: The 3rd International Online Conference: Opening Gates in Teacher Education.
- 2011: The 1st International Conference Art, Science and Technology:􀀃 Interaction between Three Cultures. ORT Braude College, Karmiel, Israel.