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Creativity by Technology in Music Education

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Personal Summary          
Personal Summary
During the course of activity in the field of computerized musical creativity, teachers have founded a sophisticated and encompassing curriculum that incorporates various technological tutorials meant to aid the students in this field. These students often cope with musical, social, creative, and / or personal problems. Research that addresses musical creativity classes documents an excitement towards a budding field that is attempting to justify its existence and emphasizes its advantages over its challenges. The wide array of technological, educational, aesthetic, and musical possibilities that this field has to offer can provide the justification it needs.
For a number of years now, I have been involved in the instruction of computerized musical creativity for school-age children. I suppose that I arrived at this discipline because it brings together my three greatest loves: music, education, and technology. By now, I can say that I have confidence in this field’s ability to engage children with music in a deep, enjoyable, and adventurous fashion and with techniques that do not exist in traditional teaching methods.
Presently in Israel, it is hard to find an organized community of computerized musical creativity teachers, so it is up to each teacher to create the theory and the execution that suits his or her own classes. That being the case, with the help of teachers and friends in Israel and the United States, I have discovered a long-standing body of both practical and theoretical activities that have been utilized in the field of computerized musical creativity for years. Within the classes that I teach, and those of my colleagues that I visit, I have found a spirit of excitement, artistic ambition, the struggle with musical aesthetical questions, and especially, a plethora of student creations (which in their volume and quality only strengthen my conviction that this field deserves to be encouraged and developed).
As a composer, performer, and a music teacher; and as a person who trusts the ability of technology to channel the expression of the musical adventure, I find myself excited about and dedicated to the growth of this field within the institutions where I teach - and I attempt to disseminate it across additional realms.
Eilon Aviram